Commercial property listings

Commercial property listings

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  • Commercial Space for Sale - 135.35 m2, Bosmańska Street, Gdynia

    Commercial Space for Sale - 135.35 m2, Bosmańska Street, Gdynia

    Ulica Bosmańska, Gdynia Oksywie, Gdynia, POMORSKIE

    1,279,000 PLN

    • 135 m²
    • 1st floor/3 floors

    We present for sale a commercial space of 135.35 m2. located on Bosmańska Street in Gdynia Oksywie. The ATAL Bosmańska investment is a closed and monitored estate. The space comprises: sales hall. social room. additional room. bathroom. The property includes two surface parking spaces. This space is ideal for medical offices. pharmacies. aesthetic medicine clinics. preschools. shops. cafes. and more. The interior is left for your own arrangement. with completed floors. walls. and a bathroom. The visibility of the premises is excellent from the outside. thanks to large windows. The investment is located in a well-developed urban infrastructure. The area offers numerous commercial and service points. educational institutions. and healthcare facilities. There is a public playground. a preschool. a primary school. and a high school. The Naval Academy with its sports and educational facilities is within a short walk. Through the nearby Kwiatkowski Viaduct. you can quickly reach both the …

  • Gastronomic Space for Sale in the Center of Poznań

    Gastronomic Space for Sale in the Center of Poznań

    Strzałowa ul., Stare Miasto, Poznań, WIELKOPOLSKIE

    1,050,000 PLN

    • 172 m²
    • basement

    Unlock the Potential for Your Business Growth. Are you searching for the perfect place to open your first restaurant or café. Perhaps you are planning to expand your business to a new location. The offered space at Strzałowa Street 7 might catch your interest as an option for purchase or lease. LOCATION: Strzałowa Street is situated in the heart of the Old Town. in immediate proximity to Poznań's famous Stary Browar. Stary Rynek. and the bustling Półwiejska Street. The revitalized surroundings of Półwiejska are rich in popular culinary and cultural meeting spots. The tranquil area invites you to escape from the lively Stary Rynek and adjacent streets. crowded with pubs. bars. and restaurants. Property: The premises are located at level -1 in a building on Strzałowa Street 7 in Poznań. This level's positioning revealed brick walls. giving the space an intriguing character. It consists of a total of 17 rooms. currently utilized for business activities. Currently. the space is …

  • 0% COMMISSION! Space for Sale - Podgórze Kraków, Wielicka Street

    0% COMMISSION! Space for Sale - Podgórze Kraków, Wielicka Street

    Wielicka ul., Podgórze, Kraków, MAŁOPOLSKIE

    2,200,000 PLN

    • 188 m²
    • 1st floor

    I am delighted to present for sale a modern commercial space with an area of 187.6 m2. located on the ground floor in the Podgórze district. Property Features: Exhibition area (115 m2). Utility zone (37 m2). Restrooms. Storage room (20 m2). Corridor (14 m2). Advantages of the Space: Excellent location. Busy street. Large storefront windows. Excellent transportation connections. 0% COMMISSION - The buyer does not pay any commission. I warmly invite you to explore and view this property …

  • Modern Warehouse-Office Facility in Białołęka

    Modern Warehouse-Office Facility in Białołęka

    Białołęka, Warszawa, MAZOWIECKIE

    39,100,000 PLN

    • 6,584 m²
    • 3 floors

    I am pleased to present to you a warehouse-office facility located in Białołęka. Warsaw. available for sale. Property: According to the Local Spatial Development Plan - suitable for office. warehouse. and production purposes. Office building (2820 m2) with office spaces and a residential-social area for employees and mid-level managers. Connected to one of the warehouse buildings (1164 m2). Other halls with areas of 1000. 700. and 900 m2 each. Diverse warehouse heights ranging from 6 to 9 meters. Column grid: halls 1. 2. and 3 - 10m x 7m. Hall 5 - 12m x 18m. Floor load capacity of 50kN/m2. Large area allowing free movement and parking for TIR trucks. Secured and fenced premises with monitoring. Technical Details: Current power allocation: 270 kW. with the possibility of increasing to 600 kW. All municipal utilities. gas boiler. Property Features: Three-story office-social part with a height of 12.00 m. Monolithic reinforced concrete construction. Mechanical ventilation with supply and …

  • Commercial Property for Rent | Wrocław Popowice, Legnicka | Next to CH

    Commercial Property for Rent | Wrocław Popowice, Legnicka | Next to CH

    Legnicka ul., Fabryczna, Wrocław, DOLNOŚLĄSKIE

    1,361 PLN

    • 24 m²
    • 2nd floor/5 floors

    We are pleased to present an offer to rent attractive office spaces in an excellent location. adjacent to CH Magnolia Park. Are you interested in renting an office. Are you looking for a convenient location or a modern building design. If this offer does not meet your expectations. please feel free to contact us. We have access to many other office rental listings in Wrocław and the surrounding areas and are ready to assist you in finding the perfect office space to meet your needs. This advertisement pertains to an office space for rent with an area of 24.3 m2. located on the second floor of a renovated tenement house dating back to 1912. Rental Conditions: - Rent: 1360.80 PLN net per month (56.00 PLN net per m2). - Service Charge: 486.00 PLN net per month (20.00 PLN net per m2). - The service charge includes costs for central heating. cold and hot water consumption. maintenance and cleaning of common areas. security services. and reception service. - Electricity usage will be billed …